The 10 Most Incredible Custom Cars Ever Built…

1) Dodge M43 Turbo Interceptor

The 1986 Charlie Sheen movie “The Wraith” was a dud, but this car is still incredible. It’s the result of a collaboration between folks at Dodge, Ferrari, and Lamborghini. At 800 hp, it jolts from 0 to 60 in a little over 4 seconds and tops out at around 185 miles per hour. It was also one of the first cars (if not the first) to be fitted with twin turbochargers.

2) Hennessey Venom F5 300+ MPH

Hennessey’s website describes this gorgeous car as “America’s Hypercar” and with a 1600 bhp Twin Turbo V8 Engine, it’s not hard to understand why.

3) Koenigsegg Agera RS

The Koenigsegg Agera RS is an insane testament to the need for speed. Fasten your seat belt — this car has been clocked at a mind-melting 285 miles per hour and may just be the fastest mass-produced car without any mods on the road today.

4) Custom 1967 Shelby Ford Mustang GT500 “Eleanor”

This one was in the Gone in 60 Seconds remake starring Nicholas Cage and only 11 are in existence, so good luck trying to pick one up. A corporate build by the folks at Cinema Vehicles.

5) Maybach Exelero

A 700-horsepower and twin-turbo V-12 engine almost make this car worth the estimated $8 million sticker price. Almost.   

6) Custom Delorean by West Coast Customs

If you have a stupid amount of money, like Black Eyed Peas singer, you get a stupidly insane car. That’s just the way it goes. Made by the folks at West Coast Customs, this car has become famous, or infamous, for getting impounded for not being street legal.

7) Gene Winfield’s Reactor  

The flat six engine allowed this iconic car to maintain its low center of gravity and aerodynamic look. The aluminum chassis didn’t hurt either. Completed in 1965, this car still tops lists for its style and innovation.

8) Dodge “Ice Charger”

We’re suckers for awesome movie cars (if it isn’t already obvious), but this custom Dodge Charger made for the Fast and Furious 8 is a lean, mean, doomsday-looking machine. So cool.

9) Paradise Road Custom Model T Roadster “The Galaxy”

The only roadster to make this list, this car gets extra points for its impressively unique psychedelic paint job and the fact that the design is loosely based on the old Ford Model T. Oh, and the $1 million price tag attached to this bad boy didn’t hurt either.

10) Batman Tumbler

The Tumbler from Batman Begins and the Dark Knight movies tops the list for overall coolness and uniqueness. This 5000-pound monster was constructed for speed as well as power, and the entire car could actually rise up on walls with its back tires on the ground for bone-crunching stunts.

**About the author: Earl Baldwin is a long time car enthusiast with his own fledgling collection of classics (‘48 Plymouth, ‘49 Pontiac, ‘55 Chrysler). He also has a passion for writing about exotic cars, improving car performance, and aftermarket modifications. When he’s not writing, he’s cruising around town in one of his classics.


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