Today’s Automotive Inspiration… Forming GOOD HABITS

Do it Yourself. That’s the name of the game. And I’m is here to help…

First off, what is a HABIT?

“A habit is a continued action of a specific kind over and over. A formation.”

Start by continued THINKING in a certain way… this starts to form a “Thought Habit.”

Continued DWELLING on this idea until it’s the most dominate thing you think about… and it produces a “PERMANENT IDEA.” Like a cool car. And if it’s an idea that you LOVE, then it’s simple. Like a new Girlfriend, bitchin’ ride, trip of success idea.

If you let your imagination loose to dwell on this permanent idea as often as possible, backing it with every action you can think of… it becomes an “OBSESSION.”

So, what’s the answer to form good habits, knowing that physical habits start as thoughts?

Be conscious to DWELL only on ideas that make you HAPPY. Ideas that you LOVE. Let them consume you. Think about them, talk about them, email about them, social network about them. Drive them… And guess what?

They’ll become YOU.

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