Today’s Automotive Inspiration… THE RIGHT WORDS

People don’t realize the power of WORDS. Spoken words. They are not only used to communicate, but they are an actual VIBRATION.

An example of this is the Opera Singer who shatters a glass.

If you really take a moment to realize what this means, you’ll begin to understand that words, when spoken, have tremendous POWER.

So it is, that the word GOD has meaning. But people, especially Catholics, learn to fear that word because it’s associated to something that is “watching them.” Judging them.

Analyzing whether what they do is good enough to enter heaven. Well, if you’re Catholic, I’m here to take you off the hook. SO Sweet!

GOD isn’t where you’re going, he/it is where you are NOW.

Inside you, outside you, all around you, everywhere… It’s known by another name… LIFE. And still another. LOVE. And one more. PEACE. Call it by any of these.

But if you use the right word for you… then it’s has the proper meaning and that’s IMPORTANT. We get hung up on terminology and that creates LIMITING BELIEFS for us. And that folks, …is bad. We are not limited. We only “believe” it to be so. And what you believe, fortunately or unfortunately is TRUTH.

PRAYER. That’s another one. If you have an issue with this word, call it “DEMONSTRATION.” Call is whatever makes you FEEL GOOD. THAT’S THE KEY RIGHT THERE. 

But DON’T not do it because you don’t like the word. Just change the word. You MUST…

Our VOICE is an EFFECT, and our THOUGHTS are the CAUSE. Speak words that EMPOWER, SUPPORT, LOVE, HELP & SUPPORT yourself and others.

So here 7 Steps to a perfect “DEMONSTRATION”… Close your eyes and THINK on…

1. Desire. Be clear on what you want. Nobody cares what you DON’T want.

2. Decision. Decide NOW that you’re going to move forward to it. You do not need to know what to do or how to do it. Just “Take the First Step, no more, no less, and the next will be revealed.”

3. Ask. Humbly ask out loud for what you want and WHY.

4. Believe. Your FAITH must be invincible. You are the Superhero of your life, so Be it.

5. Work. SEE yourself as that person, doing that thing. VISUALIZE it.

6. Be Grateful. “Thank yous” to the INFINITE cement your desire. Be honest and say THANK YOU often.

7. Expect it. DO NOT DOUBT, EVER! Expect it, and it will be on it’s way.

Now get out there, DRIVE… and be awesome.

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