Today’s Automotive Inspiration… IDENTIFY YOUR GOAL

GIFTS ALWAYS COME… if you know where to look. Kind of like an Easter Egg hunt, but where all the eggs are in plain site. Less fun, but a lot easier.

So let’s DIY this…

1. Know what you want. Just what you want right now. Like,… if you were a train mechanic and the conductor said, “I want all the wheels on this train to be swapped out with the new KX 9000 superwheels. They’re gold plated and have cool loopty loos on them. And, they smell nice.”

You’d say to yourself, “Holy Cow! How can I do all those wheels?” Easy…

Pull the train into the station and start with the first wheel. No more, no less. DON’T think about wheel #23, wheel #49 or wheel #682. Just one at a time and this is key as it keeps you from becoming overwhelmed. Start small.

So, Again…

1. Know what you want… just for today.

2. ASK the Infinite with a honest heart. Why do you want this thing? How will it benefit you… AND OTHERS?

3. Feel it. Feel as if you already have this thing. See it in your mind. Visualize it.

4. Then…Let it go. BELIEVE it’s coming to you as if you ordered it from AMAZON. You don’t know the exact day, but something wonderful WILL come ever day until it shows up. EXPECT IT TO COME & NEVER DOUBT IT!

5. Give THANKS and GRATITUDE for it. Appreciate the gift and say “Thank you for my Prosperity Surprise today!”

There is no more power than ALL POWER.

You can do this… so do it. Do it today. Do it NOW.

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