Today’s Featured Car Designer… DARBY JEAN BARBER

Rarely do you see a woman Car Designer, but I say this simply as an observation as the Car Design exterior world is predominately men.

So being married to a designer as I am, it’s refreshing to get a woman’s perspective on what I do as I move through this world. Kathie sees things from a vantage point that men don’t and I value that.

But today’s designer isn’t about being a woman as much as it is that DARBY JEAN BARBER is simply an incredible designer. A serious-well rounded thematicist who can pretty much design anything to look cool.

I would assume that if I told her to re-design an apple, she would whip out the most badass apple you’ve ever seen.

But alas, as we don’t re-design what the Universe has already perfected, Darby’s ability to design vehicles and products is truly fantastic.

I’ve been very fortunate to come out of a class with the likes of Fisker, Foose and Marek and have done many great projects over 30. And I love seeing GREAT DESIGN and GREAT EXECUTION. Need some concepts? Darby’s your… woman.

Simply put, she’s better than most I’ve ever seen, so keep your eyes on this one, ppl.

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