REVIEW: RED SPARROW heads back in time with intrigue, style and visual espionage…

The other day, I got a chance to see a private screening of the Jennifer Lawrence film RED SPARROW on the lot at Fox. Some of you may have seen the Vlog as we walked the lot with Fireball Pop.

But as all screenings are different, this one at the James Blakely Theater was filled with just a handful of journalists, making the experience immersable, quiet and full of tension. No snoring, babies crying or cell phone chatter. Snap!

This slow build experience allowed me to dive into the RED SPARROW’s story-line without interruption…

Basically, going to a movie theater nowadays is only successful when you can actually lose yourself for two hours. Very few films do this and Movie Studios are challenged with every film to try and capture your attention for 2-hours. Make your experience full… so that you’ll come back and do it again. Boom, the Movie Business Model (MBM).

Well, RED SPARROW does just that. A 60’s style Cold War Thriller with Jennifer Lawrence at the helm. A now world-class actor who pretty much guarantees that you’ll get her best… in any movie. Of course, they can still screw up the film in a thousand ways, but Jen’s work will be the shit.

Now, I just saw Annihilation yesterday too… and Natalie Portman did the same thing and was awesome. But the story lacked and that’s where RED SPARROW knocks this rusky thing outta the park. The story, direction, pace and quality hit strong across the board. I was immersed.

I’m not one for long-drawn out reviews as I don’t think people have the time to read a book about the subject, so let’s just say that I really liked this film because it was consistent, absorbing with great performances… and a great script. And that’s why I brought Fireball Pop with me. He loved it too… and he hates pretty much everything nowadays, including Annihilation.

So… if you’re heading to the theater so check out a flick… hit up RED SPARROW. And lmk what you thought of it in the comments below.

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