Automotive Inspiration… Focusing on WHAT YOU WANT

CAUSE: Think thoughts of health, peace, abundance and beauty. Continuously… and with feeling.

Kathie and I decided that we were going to walk up into town. About a 6 mile round trip. We were going to enjoy it and experience the beauty of the day after the storms. It was 45 degrees when we left, but 20 minutes into the walk, the temp raised 15 degrees and our big coats were boiling us. BUT IT WAS GORGEOUS OUT.

EFFECT: We called a friend of ours, Bob, who lives on our way into town. “Hey Bob! Can we drop off our coats as we walk up into town? Pick them back up later?” Bob’s response? “I’ll meet you up in town for some coffee!” And he did.

Our conversation at the Coffee Bean in Malibu was great as we watched the likes of Kelsey Grammer walk by and super writer, Eric Roth.The weather was spectacular.

Then we decided to take a spin up the coast to Point Dume to look at the waves. An inspired thought… that led to 13-17 foot faces. Huge, beautiful.

The flowers were boisterous, the grass green as could be and the weather perfect. Then, we spotted a huge pod of dolphin, seals, sea birds and a gray whale on it’s way to Scammons Lagoon in Mexico.

One thought. One thought of beauty. One thought of peace and abundance. And all this came. Multiplied.

Imagine what two thoughts might do?

Think well, and receive gifts. Lots of them…

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