Rides of the Week… TransAm, ElCamino, Porsche914, ModelT, VWBus, SmartCar

All this hubbub, judgement and criticism over color, shape, attitude, stance, flare, style and modification…
Of course, you think I’m talking about cars since this here is Ride of the Week, but I’m actually talking about people. The world encircles fear like a magnetic ball, throwing out constant judgement about what we look like, where we’re from, what our political stance is, what our attitudes are about a given subject.
Then, they tell us we’re wrong or something is wrong with us for having these opinions.

If only they’d look at the world through the eyes of car people. No criticism, but respect for what you love. No hubbub over color or shape because it’s just plain cool to have what you love and share it with the world.

No stance is wrong… as it’s just right for you and you gotta love a person that stands strong and is confident. Flare, style and modification is all applicable to your way of life. No one has to agree, disagree or judge.
Just drive and feel good. Just be… and feel good.

The other day, I held a contest on my show. Send in your Best Car Photo and you could win one of my coloring books. Six shots came in, all representing something that these guys loved and all cool as you can see here.

From Dan Ray’s MicroBus VDub to Bob Ricewasser’s Antique Classic. Ben Deutchman’s Trans Am to George Lake’s Muscle El Camino. Autocross Racer Will Wassennaar to Jerry Crocker’s Smart MicroCar.
Every one of them different, yet put them all in a room together and they’d swap stories for hours.

They all look different, feel different and have different stories, yet they come together through LOVE.

So here we have our answer. LOVE is the essential ingredient for balance, harmony and success. Love what you do and good things happen.
Put anger, rage, judgement and disharmony into the world and you create chaos. Primarily for yourself.

But instead of chasing that guy down because he did you wrong, maybe just let him go so that he can eventually wrap himself around a tree.
Metaphorically speaking of course as I don’t want any trees to be wrapped around, but my point is that cars (or things that we love) shared, brings people together. Binds us like the Force, keeps us in harmony and helps the race expand and evolve.

Isn’t that what we want? I mean, seriously… don’t we all want things to get better? Is it as easy as going to a car show, a pie eating contest, Mermaid Festival or Concert? Is the key to living the Malibu Dream… actually doing what you love?

Why yes, my fine feathered friends. It is. The key to all success is THINKING thoughts of kindness, taking KIND actions and putting more LOVE into the world. Whether it’s RIDE OF THE WEEK, MONTH, YEAR or DECADE.

Be like these genuine souls and SHARE what you love with the world. You never know, you might win a contest. 😉
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