Fireball welcomes new WHEELS AND WAVES Sponsor, THE MALIBU TIMES…

As with all good things, they tend to grow. And today marks a great day where we welcome WHEELS AND WAVES latest Show Sponsor, THE MALIBU TIMES.

TMT has been around for decades, covering the best that Malibu has to offer on every level from City News to Celebs to Ocean Conservancy to… yes… CARS. And we’re very excited to enter into what will be a great and expanded awareness to Malibu’s Car Culture.

Now’s the time to get on board with TMT as an Advertiser also, as there’s a monumental shift happening in the Car World here… and we’re leading the charge.

There’s never been a better place to support Automotive Enthusiasts than Malibu, and WHEELS AND WAVES is the Core of Coolness. Stay tuned for more… lots more.



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