BOOK UPDATE! Fireball announces next set of CUSTOM COLORING BOOKS…

With 12 Books on the Market now, 4 being COLORING BOOKS, Fireball is set on his word to create 4 new books every quarter.

So by the end of April, he and Kathie will be launching the brand new exclusive MALIBU COLORING BOOK with 20 gorgeous images of his hometown, and in May will be the beginning of his Car Series as the MUSTANG COLORING BOOK. This one, chock full of Mustangs through the years from 1964 to the present… and full custom as only Fireball can do.

The Car Series will grow into all brands, ultimately creating a very expansive line of coloring mayhem.

“Whoever said that coloring wasn’t in… has got another thing comin.'”

Watch the Vlog next week and you may get a glimpse.

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