Ride of the Week: Being Present on PCH

Let’s face it: Malibu PCH is actually a car town more than it’s a Hollywood town.

And although there are thousands here in the film industry, their garages are filled with amazing vehicles that have to get them to and from the studios.

But along with getting into town, we have to join potentially hundreds of thousands of people passing through Malibu to get to where they’re going. It’s an ordered chaotic mess that, when no one acts like an idiot, actually works pretty well.

Sure, there’s traffic and it takes a while, but there can be good things about it, too. Let’s explore this for a jiff.

The root of driving fast (not on a track) has to do with something we’re all battling from time to time. Where we get into trouble is when we fall out of the present and concern ourselves with the future.

Now, I’ve always prided myself on being on time, and this is for two reasons. One, is that I can relax on the journey and two, I send a message of respect to the person or people I’m meeting.

Nothing says “I don’t really care” more than being late. Sure, there are times when it’s unavoidable, but I’m talking about being consistently late.

Fear is what causes drivers to drive fast. It’s a vicious cycle that begins with being late and leads to frustration, anger and sometimes pain.

When we’re in fear as we drive, we are tempted to do things we wouldn’t normally do like cut corners, run yellow lights, shave, put on makeup, text or anything else that distracts from the main task of driving.

We do all these things and drive faster than normal while doing so.

Sometimes, we get really angry at those people who drive down the middle of PCH to skirt past everyone else, but don’t let that action pull you into their world of fear. Let them go.

Pull yourself back into the present and focus. It’s where the money is, people.

So here’s the good side to this story. When you make extra time for yourself, that’s when the gifts come. You have time to stop for coffee, pull in to get some gas, buy a lotto ticket, and maybe even win.

You can hear your favorite song on the radio, or you can call in as the 10th caller and win a trip to Aruba.

Or, you might just catch dolphins playing in the surf on the way down, spot a cool car, see a surf woodie, and get a glimpse of a new picnic spot or some restaurant that you missed when you were in a hurry.

Here’s my point. Being in a rush pulls you out of the present and brings fear of the future. “I’m going to be late, fired or worse.”

And this concern for a worrisome future actually brings that future. But taking extra time brings gifts. Which one do you want?

Like me, I know you want the gifts. So join me in the cruiser revolution. Drive aware. Don’t let someone else’s shenanigans ruin your day by allowing what they do to be a point of focus for you.

Keep your mind right by focusing on the good, and then watch good things happen.

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