National Geographic’s ONE STRANGE ROCK expands the view of our tiny globe…

In it’s purest form, loneliness (or the act of being alone) can and does get defined as being on a boat in the middle of the sea. Maybe traversing the desert on Camel-back or simply losing your grip on reality.

But after watching the first episode of National Geographic’s ONE STRANGE ROCK Documentary Series hosted by Will Smith and Produced by Darren Aronofsky and Jane Root, my definition of being alone has really elevated. Not in the way that you think it might as in the common negative connotation, but in the sense of what one thing an Astronaut referenced while I watched the film.

“Everything I know lay on that rock. And behind me lay the absolute void of space.”

Nothingness lay beyond us, our every self attached to this One Strange Rock. Yet in all the perceived loneliness that that idea might convey, what the notion really does in a beautiful way through this filmed series is say… that we are all one.

Travelers together on a unique, crisp, smooth ship that eternally floats in a myriad of stars.

This is the kind of film that should be mandatory in High Schools everywhere. A perspective shift that gives the viewer a sense of gratitude, life and joy to be able to be a passenger on this great ship.

Loneliness become a thing of the past when you see that this rock of ours… as truly “ours.” Belonging to everyone, not the Americans, Russians, Koreans or Australians.

Sure, we have segregation that permeates everywhere, but this film bypasses the mindset of “you vs me” and gives us a clear and concise vision of oneness.

NatGeo’s magazines lasted for generations because they told the story of us in the most beautiful ways.

And now, ONE STRANGE ROCK does the same. A film peppered with ideas of transcendent vision and perspective that shifts for the greater good.

There is no better story to tell than ours, and in my opinion, no better storytellers than National Geographic. Don’t miss a single minute of this one…

Monday’s at 10pm. (Watch the Discussion here, too)

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