Architect FRANK GEHRY to redesign outdated Gladstones Malibu along with WOLFGANG PUCK…

Well, it’s been a long time coming since I had my meeting with original owner of Gladstones Malibu, Mayor Richard Riordan. We structured my WHEELS AND WAVES Car Show there to bring people in to Gladstones, but after several shows, it was my team’s conclusion that we needed to move on. Gladstones needed a serious upgrade…

Now, according to recent reports, Architect Frank Gehry has been tapped to redesign Gladstones with a target of 2020 and a 50 year lease. PCH Beach Associates has also brought in Wolfgang Puck to assemble a new dining experience. (I personally would have chosen Gordon Ramsay), but the Wolf of Malibu should be great.

Gladstones has been suffering a lot for many years and this will surely put them on the World Map again. Just what Malibu needs, more people coming to visit. 😉

Should be pretty cool, tho.

“…a changing menu of locally-sourced, farm-to-table cuisine, a lounge, a rooftop bar, a public deck, small retailers including an ice cream shop, and a monument to the site’s well-known current tenant, Gladstones.”

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