Friends and Cars… from THE DAILY DRIVER PROJECT

*Thursday Featured Article from Wes Nielsen of THE DAILY DRIVER PROJECT

So we always joke that if it wasn’t for cars, we would have no friends. Now this is funny, put at the same time true.

It’s true because common interests and passions bring us together. But this isn’t just true about cars… it’s true about common interests with any friends.

These common interests are what may start your friendship, but other things are what makes it grow. Friendship is what helps us grow as people, especially if we can share are experiences with those friends.

Friends like Fireball push us to try new things, to be a better human beings and in general… bring fun and joy every time we hangout together. These are the type of friends I love to be with.

Now it’s not just cars.

I have a love for cameras and movies too. All these things are what connect us to people that are in our lives. At times I have spent hours with friends talking movies or geeking out about cameras. It may seem weird, but we all do it in one form or another.

Whatever your passions are, look for people that share that passion and help you grow as a person. All of this will grow our passion and friendships.

Well said, Wes…

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