Automotive Inspirations… Cultivate PEACE… and here comes the DOUGH.

Wait, what does THAT mean? Cultivate Peace? Like, sewing seeds?

Exactly. Thinking a thought is identical to planting a seed. You wouldn’t plant roses and expect to get a turnip. You’d get a rose, …and depending on how well you took care of it, it could be stunted or astonishingly beautiful.

So it is with a Thought Seed

You think peaceful thoughts, peace comes to you. Only there’s a catch. You’ll get A TON more than you bargained for! 

Now, if you want peace, then this is a good thing. Because…

Let’s take this idea towards money or Prosperity. The green stuff. If you think, “I can’t afford it,” then… guess what you get? But, if you think…

“Thank God I’m wealthy!” …Guess what comes!!!

But here’s the SECRET to the whole thing… you have to BELIEVE it. Really believe it.

CAUSE: Think ONLY thoughts of what you want. EFFECT: That’s what comes, …only more. Cha Ching!!!

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