Every so often you just need to step away from life. Not in a bad way, just in a vacation type of way.

Last week I headed out to Lake Havasu Arizona to hangout with my uncle and check out one of the craziest boat poker runs on the planet, Desert Storm.

Over 100 boats participated in this year’s run. I’m not really a boat guy, but it does allow me to unplug and just be.

I can’t forget the crazy amount of car guys that are in Havasu also, so I do get my car fix. Just not to the normal level. (Heck I didn’t even bring my camera with me.)

Now don’t think I’m not going to get my car show fix in either… On Sunday I headed out to the Benedict Castle Concours. It was their 5th annual show and it was over the top.

I’ve been to everyone but one and they have gotten better every year. The show is always a blast and I got to hang with some cool cars and cool friends.

Remember sometimes you must take time for yourself, and you need to unplug from the world. Now this can be as simple as watching one of your favorite movies or listening to some music.

Maybe it’s going out for a drive or just hangin’ at the beach. It can even be a long vacation. Whatever it takes to help you clear your mind and help you center. This will always get you motivated for when you get back to regular life.

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