Learning to be Flexible… from THE DAILY DRIVER PROJECT

So last Saturday I had big plans… BIG plans. I was going to attempt to go to 5 cars shows in 1 day. Now I have done this before and hit 5 in one day.

It is possible, but you aren’t as much enjoying a show as running thru it all while filming and snapping pictures. But that was the goal, so off I went on this crazy adventure.

The morning started at the Aces Car Club Hot Rod Resurrection Car Show. It is always one of my favorites each year and this year was just as wonderful as year’s past.

I got to the show and did my thing, you know the photog/videographer thing, but I quickly ran into friends and spent a good amount of time hangin’ with them and having a great time. So my 30 minute stop turned into an hour and a half stop. So I took 1 show off the list.

Onto the next show, the Seal Beach Car Show. Another fantastic event and it was busy this year. Again I did my thing and ran into friends and took longer than expected.

That’s okay I thought as I was headed thru the show. I’ll just remove another show from the list. Well, by the time I got out of the Seal Beach Show, I didn’t even have time for the other shows.

I was a little disappointed in the beginning, but as I drove home, I realized I had had a fantastic day of fun people. Fantastic hot rods and a beautiful sunny day in SoCal. All of my favorite things packed into one day.

There are times when you have to be flexible with your plans as things change throughout your day. I always look at what type of experience I had for the day.

Did I have a good time even though I didn’t finish everything that was on my list? Then it was worth it. Being flexible in your plans takes a lot of stress out of your life and will help you get to that happy place.

** So true, Wes! Just LET GO. Then things just fall into place.

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