The Making of a Perfect Day… from THE DAILY DRIVER PROJECT

So what makes a perfect day? Well, that is different for every person and maybe one thing (or a lot of things all put together) to make up a day.

On Saturday, I headed over to Torrance to the Edelbrock Car Show.

Now, any day for me that has a car show or some sort of cool car thing… my day is already on the right track. Saturday of course, was then was off to a good start with the show, but let’s add some things to the mix to make it just that better.

A whole lot of friends. Friends to just hang out with and talk cars, cameras, and life. A whole lot of laughing and just having a fantastic time.

The last ingredient is a great part of living in SoCal. The fantastic weather. It was supposed to be hot (like 95° hot) but that was not the case it was cooler and there was a wonderful breeze rolling thru the show.

All of these things mixed together into a wonderful day… to just add to many more that happen in my life.

Whatever makes up a perfect day for you, work towards always trying to find them. Even if it’s as simple as watching your favorite movie.

The more perfect days you can put together, whatever makes them up, just adds years to your life and the all-around sunshine to your days.

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