Chevy to bring HOT WHEELS CAMARO to Wheels and Waves on Sunday, May 20th…

This month’s Wheels and Waves Car Show here in Malibu is leveling up with the official announcement that Chevrolet will be featuring its all-new 2018 50th anniversary Hot Wheels Camaro front and center.

Since the shutdown of the Trancas Cars and Coffee, car enthusiasts are looking for fun things to do with their rides, and this Sunday May 20… Wheels and Waves is sure to confirm that cool cars are alive and well. But we’re more than just a place to hang out and look at cars like most C&C’s.

I’m been a fan of the Camaro since the ’60s launch and the Hot Wheels brand bringing it to life as a spectra-flame diecast, so it’s a real treat for me to reveal this car in the flesh to you guys on a beautiful Sunday morning. I hope you’ll join us.

But let’s dig into this Camaro for a bit and see why it’s Hot Wheels worthy.

According to Chevrolet, “Since the debut of its custom Camaro in 1968, every generation — and nearly every variation of Camaro has been replicated in 1:64 scale by Hot Wheels. To celebrate 50 years of these die-cast dream cars, we’re returning the favor, taking this iconic toy off the orange track and onto the street with the Camaro Hot Wheels Edition. Ready to get behind the wheel of the real thing?”

The full-size Hot Wheels car comes in a coupe and convertible 2LT and SS. And the options are overwhelming, with everything from an Orange Crush paint scheme and 20-inch Satin Graphite machine-faced wheels to Hot Wheels badges, insane black-and-orange interior details and illuminated door sill plates.

So many options for a little less than $40,000. Nice.

Now, Wheels and Waves is a slightly different cars and coffee experience than most across the country. Along with free coffee, Hot Wheels and trading cards, the vehicles that participate are more “art cars” than anything else.

Where you could normally go to a car event to see Ferraris, Porsches and many other super cars, W&W is more about things that people have built. One-off customs, artistic expressions in custom builds, restorations and personal expressions.

These kinds of vehicles help inspire creativity among us and make for a very unique show. Sure, there might be a Ferrari, but it will be the No. 1 of 500 Italias or a $25 million SWB 250 GT.

And the celebs come out in droves as well to see these amazing rides. We’ve had everyone from Keanu Reeves to Dick Van Dyke, Tony Dow and Jonathan Banks. We even had R2-D2! Such a motley crew.

The point is, the boys and girls of General Motors like to have fun. And no other Camaro would really fit this game better than the 50th anniversary Hot Wheels edition.

Bring your children, bring your dogs and bring your best self with a smile ‘cause the only thing not allowed in my show is a frown. Of course, we’ll fix that right quick with these cars.

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