REVIEW: SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY will re-ignite your passion for the Galaxy…

Had the chance, thanks to Disney, to get an exclusive screening of SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY the other night at the Arclight in Hollywood. Wes (The Daily Driver Project) and I got to the show about 7pm (Vlog of that coming this week!).

And although I’ve seem every Star Wars movie since the beginning, I wasn’t expecting this…

Do you remember the feeling you got when you first saw the original STAR WARS? The multiple moments during the film when your jaw dropped, you drooled in your seat or you cheered? And the only thing you hoped for was that the sequel (The Empire Strike Back) would be just as good?

Then… it actually was? Thanks to Lucas, Kirshner and Kasdan.

Well, I’m officially here to tell you that SOLO, despite all the other Star Wars films falling slightly or severely short of that feeling, makes good on it’s promise.

A spectacularly directed film, thanks to RON HOWARD, Solo delivers on virtually every way that a film can. It’s funny, poignant, exciting, unique and swallows you whole for 2-1/2 hours. And the script from Jonathan and Lawrence Kasdan is flawless.

You’ll feel LOST, yet WONDROUS. You’ll feel EXCITED, yet MIND-BLOWN’D. It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen a movie that was this immersive, this fun and with characters that made me want to head straight to Target for Toys again. Seriously.

The moment this film ends… all you want to do is see it again. And again. It’s layered and dirty with fantastic and fun performances by virtually every character. The worlds are filthy and unique, the ships are fantastical, beautiful and fast. It’s AMAZING.

But most of all, HAN SOLO has evolved into a complex, deep and swaggarous character. ALDEN EHRENREICH nails the subtle innuendos brought forth by Harrison Ford, yet pulls and twists it into his own with broad and funny flavors.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film and want to see it several times to capture all it’s subtle corners. A complex Galaxy to discover. And… it’s the first FAST & FURIOUS in SPACE.

Ron Howard’s SOLO is going to make it very tough for other directors to come up to. And with OBI-WAN and many other films coming… it better be.

Congratulations to Kathleen Kennedy for making the call to Howard. Best call she’s ever made.

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