Understanding Your Limits by Pushing Them… from The Daily Driver Project

In 2013 I started The Daily Driver Project knowing that I wanted to do a couple of things with it. One was to show old cars being used like they should be. Out in the world being enjoyed by their owners. The second was to cover car shows in the Southern California area.

Now covering car shows or events in SoCal is not that difficult because there is a car related event going on all the time. You can find 20 plus car events going on during a summer weekend, besides all the stuff going on during the week.

The first year I covered 35 shows.

Not many, but I was still finding what was working for me. The next couple of years that number increased until I got to 2016. I decided in 2016 to see how many I could do in a year.

But you have to remember that I have a day job also, so this is a lot of nights and weekends. In 2016 I covered 122 events and I found that I had done too much. There is a great idea in economics called the “The Law of Diminishing Returns.” What this is, is that as you keep adding things to something… cost, price, time and in my case events… you get less and less benefit.

I was burned out on shows and I personally saw a decline in the quality I was providing to the people that followed my site.

Recently I have been pushing the number of shows that I’m going to, not to the level of 2016, but I’m attending more this year than last year. Now that I have added vlogging to my event coverage I’m noticing that the additional shows decreasing the quality I like to have.

Doing the number of shows I did in 2016 and this year has helped me learn what my limits are to produce the kind of quality content I would like to provide. 

This is true of many things in life.

Pushing your limits in whatever task you are trying to accomplish helps you learn what you can actually do and also what you are comfortable with. All you have to do is go out and try.

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