Do What You Love, Love What You Do… From The Daily Driver Project

If you consume Fireball’s content, you know Do What You Love, Love What You Do is a big part of who he is and what he regularly shares with you.

Now, this is not just something he says, this is something he lives. I know, I’m around him all the time when he’s not killing me off on the Vlog.

This doesn’t pertain to just your job… this is a life philosophy.

This also doesn’t mean you have to totally love your job. The job may make it where you can do things with your family or by yourself, but as an example, you want to travel but the job you have will never have this perk.

But you enjoy your job. And it can be your means to travel and you save your pay for fantastic annual trips.

For me, doing what you love is much like Fireball. I love the automotive industry and have spent most of my career working in that industry. When I got out of that industry for a while, I started The Daily Driver Project to keep myself in it. Currently, I’m working back in the automotive industry, so I get a whole lot automotive fun every day.

One of the hardest things in your adult life is finding that passion.

You may not be able to work that passion, but finding that it should be a goal. Trying to find things that make you want to wake up in the morning and go do that thing is what it’s all about.

But don’t settle for just one. Try many things and find the ones the put a fire in your heart.

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