Curate Your Life… from The Daily Driver Project

Curate your life sounds strange. Typically, people think of curation as what a Curator for a museum does. They choose what is to be shown, but you can personally curate things as well.

Curate your life can be said in another way too, as in tending to your garden.

Tending to your life is an important part of positivity and personal growth. If you don’t pull the weeds they can take over. If you hang a piece of art you don’t like, it will affect your state of mind. You have to be in a place where you may at times have to pull away from people you thought were friends that drag you down or don’t have your vision of the direction you would like to go.

You may work a job that just makes you unhappy. You have to find things to turn these to positive… and sometimes they may be drastic to you.

Separating from people and even family that are toxic, can change a lot of your world perspective. Changing jobs can do the same. You just have to be willing to change.

Remember that you are in charge of you. You are your own curator to affect both good and bad.

As Fireball always says “If you feed positive energy into something, that something will grow because positivity grows and negativity contracts.”

Positivity will grow your garden. Positivity will line the walls of your internal museum with wonderful works of art that make your heart and soul expand. You just have to put in the work on you… and be willing to make those changes necessary to grow.

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