Ride of the Week: Amladi’s Little Red 50th Anniversary CORVETTE…

The article first came out in the Malibu Surfside News.

The absolute best part about Ride of the Week is the amazing people hidden in the tiny corners of paradise right here in Malibu.

And these days, I realize that there are more than meet the eye, as Malibu is concretely a car town.

So there I was, minding my own business and blending up a juice when I got an email from entrepreneur and retired banker Shyam Amladi. A frequent reader of this here article, Amladi is a proud owner of a 50th anniversary 2003 limited edition Corvette convertible.

And as an owner of a LA-based IT infrastructure company, and also part of an advisory group that helps raise capital for mid-size companies in the US and Asia, it’s essential that Shyam get around to meetings in something cool. With a 5.7 L, 8-cylinder engine with torque of 360 ft-lbs and 350 hp, that’s pretty easy.

“I bought it for my wife, Kalyani, in 2003 for her birthday,” Amladi began. “We believe it’s an American icon and have always admired two GM products: Cadillac and Corvette. When Corvette crossed the 50th mark, we thought it was time to grab one.

“It has a rich history and heritage and after several fruitless efforts to bring a true sports car to the American market (including a massive crash of the first prototype at GM’s Milford proving grounds in 1952), GM’s tireless and brilliant engineer Ed Cole redoubled his efforts and finally succeeded in combining elements of the venerable ‘Stovebolt Six,’ GM’s truck motor and Jaguar XK120, raising the hp from 115 to 150 and launching the first Corvette in January 1953.”

Yeah, this guy knows his ’Vettes.

“Emotionally, it stands for all things positive about America — resilience, vigor and [a] ‘be there first’ attitude,” Amladi explains. “Mechanically, Corvette is a delight to drive. Over the years, Corvette has continued to improve its performance and complexity.”

Further, Amladi said Corvette and GM are very conscious of EPA considerations and also work to ensure the car doesn’t guzzle gas.

“We also like the fact that the anniversary edition came with a specially designed 50th anniversary red, and its fiber-glass body has stood the test of time over the 15 years we have owned it,” he adds.

The Amladis primarily use the car for leisure, pleasure and, at times, for work.

“One of the priceless pleasures in owning a Corvette and living in SoCal is that most of the days you can put the top down and drive it along the beach and up the mountains — I mean low-grade mountains,” he said.

But he’s also got two short stories that I think you guys will enjoy.

“Prior to moving to Malibu in 2007, we were longtime residents of Chicago and still love its rich tapestry and people and its sparkling clean lake, except when old man winter takes over the city for five months of the year,”  Amladi said.

“But for the four years we lived in Chicago after we bought the Corvette, it was less of a car and more of an artifact in the garage. When do you a drive a convertible in a city like Chicago? When it’s not buried in snow, it’s raining or threatening to rain, or the wind will practically blow you away.”

As a result, they put less than 3,000 miles on her.

And the second story is more of an ongoing one. Because of the car’s low seats, it’s a chore to get in and out of the car, Amladi said. So it now also doubles as a daily exercise routine! 

And what about Malibu, our lil’ corner of paradiso?

“What’s not to love?” Amladi quips. “Spectacular scenery … clear, cloudless skies (once the marine layer lifts) and open roads. Once you get past the urban part of PCH, that is.”

Big thanks for your time, guys. It’s always a joy to see people taking pleasure in driving — serving as an inspiration to us all in connecting the beautiful dots of our town and sharing the experience.

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