Why do we love a NEW CAR SMELL?? Today’s Daily Driver Project…

Ah yes, the old saying “I love that new car smell.”

Not everybody loves a new car (as in 2018 new car), but they love a new car just for them. If it’s a classic simple used car or even a new car… it’s really about it being NEW.

What we really love, is things that are new. A new thing to you always gets you excited, Well, it always gets ME excited.

I’ve had a lot of new to me lately. I recently upgraded both the cameras I use and started a new job. Yes, I love the new. It excites me!

I love the learning process and wrapping my head around new things and making them my own.

Wheels and Waves, the show that I put on with Fireball & Ken has something new coming as well. It’s moving its location across the street from where it was this last month and I’m excited about what the NEW LOCATION can hold for us in the future.

Now, the new can wear off as you get used to whatever that new thing to you is. Which can make that thing boring or just plain old, but you need to change that mindset.

Why change that mindset?

Because new gets you out of bed in the morning. New gets you motivated to do things. And New gets you excited.

Treat every day as NEW!

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