Sometimes it’s just YOU… from THE DAILY DRIVE PROJECT

It all starts with you. This may sound selfish or it may sound lonely, but it’s where everything should start. It should always start with YOU.

What does that mean?

Your motivation, self-worth or self-image all starts with you. It can be influenced by outside people, environments, and experiences, but you should learn to keep those at arm’s length. Especially if they are negative in any way.

Now, this doesn’t mean you don’t let people into your life. The positive people in your life that encourage, motivate and generally build you up are great to have in your life.

But YOU are the biggest influence on how your day goes.

You have to understand what is going on inside yourself and move and sway those thoughts and feelings towards the positive. Don’t think that this is always the easiest thing to do. Even I have off days where it just seems like you can’t catch a break… and you just want to go back to bed to get to the next day.  

It sometimes can be as simple as listening to your favorite song or watching your favorite movie or hangin’ with that friend or family member. Something that always makes you smile. Fireball is one of those people for me. Hangin’ with him always brings a smile to my face.

I try to wake up every day remembering that whatever that day holds for me, my positivity can influence how that day goes, even when the bad things pop up. You have to laugh the simple mistakes off… which sometimes means laughing at yourself.

Remember it all starts with you. As Doc Brown says in Back to the Future 3… “Your future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one.”

Good on ya, Wes…

Wes is the Owner of The Daily Driver Project. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to his Vlog on Youtube.

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