Fireball Publishing adds SHARKS Coloring Book to wrap up 2018 slate…

Ok, so along with what’s coming in September with VINTAGE TRAILERS, RAT RODS, CITY OF MALIBU and a new HEALTH BOOK, FPG (Fireball Publishing Group) is adding SHARKS and a series of HOLIDAY BOOKS (Halloween and CHRISTMAS!)

For centuries, SHARKS has been considered Monsters, Lords of the Sea and Man Eaters. But these definitions would and do seriously distort the truth.

True, people have been attacked by Sharks over the years, but your chances of being harmed by a human are over 1000% higher. In fact, last year MORE PEOPLE DIED FROM DOING SELFIES than from Sharks. More people have been bitten in just New York City last year than by Sharks across the whole planet.

So our new coloring book will not only focus on the animal in all it’s beauty, but FACTS that most people do not know. (Like there are 44o different species!!)

SHARKS hits stores in November…

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