Ride of the Week: A Mid-Century Modern Tour in a ’61 LINCOLN…

Sometimes, I can’t believe my life.

It seems like it just gets cooler and cooler every day and this experience I recently had would be a difficult one to better. But, as I live here in the ’Bu and anything is possible, I’m sure things will grow.

But the other day, I joined my friends Paul Grisanti (a Realtor here in Malibu) and David Neel from the Murphy Auto Museum in Oxnard to cruise through Malibu in this 1961 Lincoln Continental. Why? Well, I’m glad you asked. As we all love homes and architecture, Neel proposed that we go look at some cool mid-century modern homes in a mid-century classic. The look on the other Realtors’ faces were priceless.

All of them wanted the car to stay put and/or figure out a way for the home to be sold and include the vehicle. But, alas, we were only there to Vlog, look at the houses and get some really great shots of the car in the driveway. As we were driving though, I began to think about what life must have been like back then for a family who lived in one of those homes, and drove this car new. And if they could see us now, what might they think, I wondered.

Further, that made me wonder what people in 2069 might be driving and if they might be doing the same thing. Or would they be driving at all?

What exactly would a 2019 home look like to them? What would be considered cool?

As Grisanti cruised us through the neighborhoods, the countless thumbs up, stares and smiles peppered the experience with joy for me. We even had Neel’s little boy Max, who seemed to have a permanent perpetual smile on board. It was ridiculous how much fun we were having.

1961 was an interesting year. But having been born in ’65, I didn’t really get to experience it. I knew the Lincoln was never built to drive fast, but to cruise smoothly. I only wish we’d driven it more.

But, considering that the Murphy Museum has over 130 cars, we’ll be cruising many more times. If you see us, be sure to wave.

There are many ways to get around this town, but most people miss the opportunity to make the journey itself worthwhile. Sure, you leave your home with the intention to get somewhere, but as many of us leave late or anticipate traffic, we rush and can miss all the beauty this town has to offer.

So, my suggestion is and has always been to leave a bit early and fill your senses with automotive joy as you pass the azure sky, deep, big blue and lush green hills of Malibu.

Take a breather from the life journey, get out and soak up the sun. Convertibles work well, but so does just getting out of the car for 30 seconds and being present. Thanks to Grisanti and Neel, we all got to do exactly that in a ’61 Continental.

What will be next? I’m not sure, but it’ll be cool.

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