SUPPORT those that SUPPORT YOU… from The Daily Driver Project

A big part of being a creator of pictures and videos is having a positive group around you that supports what you do. People that share and talk about your work without expecting anything in return. These are the people I always try to do the same for.

You want people in your life that are a positive influence on your work and yourself as well.

Just this week, I had a great conversation with a very good friend that always looks over my videos and gives me fantastic constructive criticism. Things that sometimes I miss or I see as well. Many times little things that I see will help improve my end product. He does this simply because he is my friend, not expecting anything in return.

Because of people like these in my life, I too try to give back to them. Supporting them in any way I can.

I’m friends with many car show-runners who over the years have supported me by sharing my work with the world. I try to share their shows as much as possible in return. Not expecting anything, they just put on some fantastic events that I think everybody should know about.

For people that build you up and support your endeavors… whatever they may be and ask nothing in return, always try to return the favor 10 plus. Support those that support you.

Wes Nielsen is an Automotive Photographer and owner of The Daily Driver Project. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE tohis Vlogon Youtube.

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