EARLY MORNING, LATE NIGHTS & the Occasional NAP… from The Daily Driver Project

Last weekend (Friday & Saturday) I spent up in Ventura at the Ventura Nationals. One of my favorite shows every year.

It consistently delivers on the fun factor with friends, community and a whole lot of cool hot rods.

But Friday I had a lazy morning around town before heading up to Ventura for the night’s festivities. There isn’t just one thing happening, but 3 things…

The Ventura Nationals Art Show that exhibits some of the coolest artists from around SoCal which includes painters as well as photographers. Then, there’s a great little car show on the street outside the theater that houses the art show. But you also can’t forget the fantastic cruise that is going on right at the end of the street next to the theater.

Now with all this fun, I usually stay up late because there are some really cool photos you can get at night along the cruise route on Main.

What ends up being a late night on Friday turns into a very early morning on Saturday as I like to get the roll-in of all the wonderful hot rods that have come to the show. There is just something cool about the sun rising on all these hot rods.

Now it was a late night, then an early morning which then turns into a long but amazing day hangin’ with friends looking at hot rods and just having a blast.

For me, this is where the show ends. So I headed home, but there was a 3rd day also. A reliability run around the Ventura area.

Now after a lack of sleep, you always have to recharge and that’s where the nap comes in. You have to take care of your body and mind and many times a simple nap can give you the fuel you need to get to editing all the cool photos and videos from the show.

So the bottom line is… You have to be willing to get up early and stay up late and sometimes go without sleep to get those shots you are looking for.

Sounds like fun, Wes…

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