New Documentary SCIENCE FAIR is what Docs should be… Awesome

Had the pleasure of attending a private screening of the new National Geographic documentary SCIENCE FAIR. A complex journey of several students from all over the world, coming together in LA for the ultimate Science Fair.

Now, from an adult perspective, it would seem that a Science Fair isn’t all that exciting. Kind of like a small town fair with kids are poking marshmallows on sticks and calling it “Spudnik.” But I assure you, this ain’t that.

In fact, SCIENCE FAIR is one of the best docs I’ve seen in years. A true account of the importance of “Doing What You Love” and how that journey can… and does fulfill your life.

Kids from all over the world (hundreds of thousands in fact) compete in their home towns for a trip to LA for a final yearly competition against another 1700 kids from 78 countries… for a final prize. The result, the accolades, star-treatment, press and future jobs… for their entire life. Pretty epic.

The true test of a doc (or any film) is the ability to suck you in and results in losing yourself for 2 hours, wondering how the time flew by so fast. SCIENCE FAIR does this so well that you (at times) will feel that you’re competing as well. (Thank God I wasn’t, as the stress level was intense.) But to watch what these kids went through, and how much it meant to them made this a true “Hero’s Journey.”

Directors Cristina Costantini and  Darren Foster’s SCIENCE FAIR is an amazing inspiration and truly what documentaries are made to achieve. We revel in success, avoid failure at all cost, but strive to experience the journey and extract all things possible. I highly recommend this film as it really shouldn’t be missed.

If you Do What You Love… then all good things come. Not necessarily easily, but with faith and persistence, the ass-kicking can come just at the right time. So get to it.

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