A NEED to DO… from The Daily Driver project

I don’t rest much. I’m always doing. That is really true when it comes to getting out to car shows.

In 2016 I decided to see how many car related events I could attend in one year. I packed in cruise nights and car shows into every week of the year.

At the end of the year, I attended a total of 122 cruise nights and shows and decided I would do less. There was a little bit of burnout. It was a lot for me.

So in 2017, I did 89 events. An easier number doing a few videos and a lot of pictures posted to my website. I had a blast and didn’t feel overwhelmed by what I was doing.

So we roll into 2018 and a good chunk of this year is gone and I came to realize I was going to a lot of events again, but for some reason this year it’s different. It is this need I have to get out to shows.

A need to do…

A need to not miss any of the great automotive goodness that Southern California has to offer. A need to get out and capture in both video and photographs the fantastic automotive culture that I love.

So how many shows so far this year? I have done 95 shows this year and there are a lot more to come and I’ve loved every minute of it.

What I have found is that I love being at the events. I love taking photos. I love recording the shows and turning them into a video.

The reason, even though it’s a lot of shows, that it’s not overwhelming is that word love. The love feeds the need to do. The love makes it feel like I’ve done just the right amount and could do with some more.

Whatever your need is…

That love to do is…

That passion…

Feed it, nurture it and enjoy it.

Wes Nielsen is an Automotive Photographer and owner of The Daily Driver Project.

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