The LANGUAGE of a LINE… from The Daily Driver Project

Design has changed throughout time and the language of what a line states has changed as well.

A line speaks to each individual in its own way. It can bring about an emotional response. It bends, weaves, makes letters, connects the dots, separates and connects individuals and family.

Lines make up the shape of the automobile, some of my favorite lines.

At the beginning of the automobile, the lines were simple, straight, utilitarian. As the years went on the line curved, embellished, flowed. They became sharp, pointed and abrupt. They became bland and ordinary. They grew into technology, wedges, curves and got us to places that we needed to go.

Lines can become art, and for me that art is in the Hot Rod.

The Hot Rod is self-expression of those lines. They add, subtract and modification of those lines make something cool.

The line is influenced by culture, by the designer, by the era. The line can also be influential and ahead of its time.

It has always amazed me to watch the designer take an idea and a line and make that into a complete rolling machine.  To understand where there should be a connection, a curve, a short line or long one to make these speak to us in the language of the line. A language that potentially we will not understand, but at the same time may make you fall in love with that automobile.

Look around you. Pay attention to the lines. The flow, the barrier, the direction, wherever it takes you. Let the language of the line take you somewhere.

Wes Nielsen is an Automotive Photographer and owner of The Daily Driver Project.

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