REMEMBER those before YOU… from The Daily Driver Project

Saturday was one of my favorite events in Whittier, my hometown. The Dia De Los Muertos Art & Music Festival. A fantastic event filled with over 20,000 spectators, tons of wonderful vendors, music, people in Calavera (skull/sugar skull) makeup and lots and lots of cool cars.

Being 2 blocks from the pad just adds to the enjoyment, ’cause let me tell you… 20,000+ people showing up in your neighborhood makes parking not a lot of fun.

Dia De Los Muertos or Day of the Dead is fascinating to me. The western culture just doesn’t want to look at funerals, death or people that have passed. But in many places where the Day of the Dead (which is officially celebrated on Nov. 2) they celebrate the memory of the person or persons that have passed. They celebrate their life, normally a family member.

One of the things this event does every year for me is to remember those that came before me. Not just family, but friends and mentors as well.

It is a day I remember my Dad who passed years ago. He had a huge influence on my love for things mechanical and a lot to do with my musical tastes. But he is in my thoughts most days.

For many in the fantastic automotive industry, which I have spent most of my career in, there are wonderful automotive people that are celebrated that influenced them. That made them join this fantastic world of cars.

Remember those family members, friends and mentors that boosted you up. Made you who you are and celebrate them not just one day, but every day.

Wes Nielsen is an Automotive Photographer and owner of The Daily Driver Project.




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