GOING thru the GRIND… from The Daily Driver Project

Photos from WHEELS AND WAVES Malibu…

There are many days in my life, as I’m sure there are in yours, that you’re just going thru the paces. Just getting up… going to work… coming home and doing it again and again. Much of life is monotony and just doing the same over and over again.

But life is filled with wonderful, fantastic, bright and beautiful moments as well as the low moments.

All of these waves and even the calm seas make up our lives.

What I have found in my years on this earth is you have to learn to enjoy the grind and the monotony. These routines help us get thru the day even if many times they aren’t all that exciting. These habits are many times what define us as people.

And trying to find your routine can really help.

So keep trying new things by adding and subtracting things from your routine.

You’ll find that your productivity… and day will roll along smoother than you may expect.

The routines can be for small things, everyday tasks or large jobs and an example for me is after coming home from covering a show. I unload the video and photos from my cameras, charge the camera batteries, and sort thru all that information. Then comes editing and out-puting that to my website and YouTube channel.

Find peace with your routine, your grind and your day. You will see that your every day routine becomes your peace of mind… day in and day out.

Wes Nielsen is an Automotive Photographer and owner of The Daily Driver Project.

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