Ok, how can you get HEALTHIER by Coloring? Well, I’m glad you asked… and we’ll tell you. So READ ON…

1) The ACT OF COLORING keeps you PRESENT in the moment, and that’s where TRUE HEALTH exists as in a Meditative State.

2) When you color, you use the FOCUS of your mind and the decision-making KNOWLEDGE of picking colors and solving problems. This enhances brain function and REDUCES STRESS.

3) Finishing a COLOR SKETCH brings JOY and eliminates all negative thought, not only to the colorist, but to those whom you give or show the piece to… whether as a physical object or online. Joy and Health co-exists and ENHANCE BRAIN CELL ACTIVITY.

4) Those that color strategically color things that they like. Cars for Car People, Dolphins for those that like SeaLife. And the MINDFULNESS OF COLORING what you LOVE is clinically proven to keep you healthy. (That is, as long as you don’t eat a Chili-Bacon Cheeseburger right afterwards.)

5) Those that color experience the same thing that Artists experience in creating the initial image. A desire to bring Joy to others and themselves. In other words, true HEALTH comes from Doing What You Love and Loving What You Do.

Maybe it’s time to start coloring?

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