GROWTH, CHANGE & ADAPT… from The Daily Driver Project

I’ve been in the automotive industry for 20 years. It’s my profession and my passion.

Last week I went to the largest industry-only show on the planet that is SEMA. What started in 1967 as a little show of aftermarket parts companies in the basement of Dodger Stadium is now a behemoth that takes over every inch of the Las Vegas Convention Center and more.

I went to this year’s show with someone that was their first time… and one person being their fourth. I have been going off and on for 20 years, so it was interesting to get their perspective. I have seen this show grow so much in that time. Heck, they added another 2 story wing on to the convention center in that time that is now completely filled.

It got me to thinking about growth, change and adaptation. In my 20 years in the industry, there has been massive growth. There are new companies… companies that have joined others and some have moved to new ways of doing business.

Whether it’s a business or your personal life, you have to learn to deal with all of these things.

There is growth in our life and change that at times can be easy and difficult.

But the biggest one you should work on is ADAPTING. You have to learn to adapt to the changes and growth in your life.

Learn to embrace the choices of that adaptation to further your growth as a human being on this wonderful spinning ball we call earth.

(Editor’s Note: How we perceive change is what it becomes for us. So, SEE it as good… and it becomes good. It’s the ultimate insurance policy.)

Wes Nielsen is an Automotive Photographer and owner of The Daily Driver Project.

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