A Week in the 2018 MAZDA 6 Sport Sedan…

Once again, MAZDA has challenged me with trying to find what’s good in their 2018 MAZDA 6. And although the design language of the car is great, the problem I faced with this car was the fact that it came to me right off the heels of the 2018 Hyundai Sonata.

So here’s the thing… starting with what I like, the MAZDA 6 is a subtle sculptural masterpiece. Not overstated or extreme, but subtley beautiful and cohesive with the entire line of their cars. It’s balanced, smooth-looking and aggressive where it needs to be aggressive.

Where most car companies just round corners, Mazda takes each curve and turn with purpose in their design. That can be attributed to their language philosophy. And at $36, it would seem to be that that was enough. But the interior feels good too, although with some ergonomic question marks.

As I mentioned, the problem with this car was that I had the Hyundai Sonata Eco right before it, at $35K. And where the Hyundai lacks in it’s semi-dull design language and Mazda excels, the Hyundai is an engineering masterpiece. The Mazda, not so much.

I removed some things from the Hyundai trunk, closed the deck and didn’t think a thing about it. But then I transferred what I had to the Mazda. When I heard the sound that the trunk made as it closed… my eyes popped. It sounded tinny and cheap.

I did the same thing with the doors. And the same sound occurred. The Hyundai was solid and the Mazda thin.

Paying $1000 more for the Mazda and getting a feeling that it was tinny wasn’t in the cards for my experience. Where the Hyundai, although not as great a looking car as the Mazda, was clearly the better choice.

The interior ergonomics of the Mazda were also less inviting. It looked VERY cool, but functionality felt and performed to be more complex and somewhat annoying compared to the Apple-Easy process of the Hyundai. Even setting up the phone was a challenge compared with the Sonata.

Now, don’t get me wrong. The 2018 Mazda 6 Sedan is a good car and you may NEVER be able to compare it to anything in a test drive. You also may be a loyal Mazda driver and never want anything else, to which I have to say, “Good on ya, brother.” But for my money, the Hyundai hits home.

Two-cents and this will get you a… wait, let’s make that $20 bucks and this will get you a latte. Hope this helps…

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