A Whole Lot of THANKS from The Daily Driver Project

Last week was Thanksgiving when many, including me, sat around a big table with family and friends and ate a whole lot of food, giving thanks for the things they and I had in our lives.

But during last week, Fireball gave me a call to let me know that we had a friend in need. Our friend Thom Panunzio in Malibu needed some help. Thom had lost his garage and guest house to the Woolsey Fire and when I say lost… I mean leveled. There was pretty much nothing left when I got there on Saturday.

But I wasn’t alone. I joined over a dozen friends and we were there for the simple reason that Fireball called us and someone needed help. Not to get anything out of it but simply to give back and help a friend. To give back thanks.

Thom’s a car guy. I met him thru Fireball and I met Fireball thru cars. Cars are what connect almost all of my world. They are a huge part of my life and thanks to the guys that thought it was a good idea to put an engine into a wagon… boom, the CAR was born.

Getting back to Thom…, he thanked us over and over again while we were at his house. It was great but it wasn’t about the thanks. It was about being able to help and having the ability to do what I could do to help Thom find some of his memories and life experiences among the rubble.

To all those that read, follow and have friended me and more… thanks for being apart of my life.

Watch Wes’ Vlog below…

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