A week in the blistering 467hp 2019 LEXUS GS F…

We’re getting closer. Closer to the day where all sedans become autonomous. And because of that, car makers are looking for reasons to expand and enhance their lines to bridge the gap and give people a reason to buy.

There are tons of sedans out there and many are good. But very few are GREAT. This… is where the 2019 LEXUS GS F comes in…

I had this car for a week and although I could spout specs like everyone else (467hp, 5.0l, 32v, 389ftlbs), I’d rather just concentrate on driving experience and cool factor… k?

This car is a blast to drive. And yes, mostly because it’s powerful. But it’s also a perfect fitting suit that stretches in just the right ways to put a smile on your face. It looks sick, snaps to grid and can pretty much do whatever it’s asked. And… it better at just under a $100K.

But I had fun in this car. It’s not hoyty toyty like some others, not cheap like others still, but perfect porrage hot. Something you could tuck your nasty mother-in-law around in as she berates you… or flip the shit on her and show her who’s boss.

Like I said, fun. It’s got all the bells and whistles you need to justify a $100K car and it performs admirably. So let’s give it a solid 98%Fireball.

But… here’s the 2% rub. In a world that is shifting to conscious-aware products, the dinosaurs will need to either boot up or be dished out. And the 2019 Lexus GS F gets 19mpg. I don’t care how rich you are and whether you don’t care about this or not… it’s a factor and it needs to be addressed. There’s no room for Lexus in the future if they continue on this road. But alas, they’ll smarten up and snap to grid I sure.

Big thanks to them for sending me the car and in Matte Nebula Grey, it got a lot of compliments. Thinking about dying my hair the same color… not. But it looks mighty fine in the beast. Have a righty fine day, folks.

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