IT’S CAR SHOW DAY! My Motivation… from The Daily Driver Project

It’s Car Show Day! The motivation that gets me out of bed on the weekends.

The motivation that gets me up most days.

There is always a drive to get up and go do.

You just need to find what that drive is for you.

That motivating force inside you to get out and do. To follow that passion, that interest, that thing that gets you moving.

There are many things that motivate us, both in small moments and everyday events.

We as human beings, have simple motivations such as needing to eat, drink and have shelter.

We have a motivation and a need for community. But there are larger ones as well.

My motivation is like Fireball’s. A need to go find cool cars. With those cool cars, you find cool people and you have your community.

You will see that many people find their happiness in that motivation. Even finding happiness… is motivation.

There are so many things that you can draw upon for your motivation.

To create, to experience and to feed a need. That is what you must find. That motivation that moves your life from place to place.

It puts a smile on your face and puts warmth into your heart and soul.

I found mine on accident. I just wanted to learn to work on cars. I found a passion and a motivator in a simple contraption that gets you from one place to another.

Find that motivation and hold onto it. Mold and shape it into what helps you get up in the morning and drives you to continue each day.

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