Fireball Publishing announces next Automotive Coloring Book…

Here we go, folks! The next Automotive Coloring Book headed your way will be on February 1st… and it’s WOODIES!

Fireball’s been working with several Woodie enthusiasts to hand pick what Woodies will be rep’d in this new awesome book, but as you know… these will not be normal Woodies, but FIREBALL SURF WOODIES!

Stay tuned to the Vlog as Fireball starts to create these illustrations January 1st. SUBSCRIBE HERE so you don’t miss an episode!

Ford, Chevy, Mercs, Buicks and lots more will be in the book including a Woodie Mexico Surf Jungle Maze!

Other books for 2019 will include MOPAR, CAMARO and more! All Books are available on Amazon here or at Car Shows attended by Fireball.

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