World’s Longest Drift… goes to this Vette.

So there I was, minding my own business in the future… when I was asked to take one of our Fireball Vettes and attempt the world’s longest drift. The year was 2084… and all I had was this classic.

So I saddled up, went to the Great Oval in Central Texas (built in 2041) and got up to speed. Then… I drifted.

…For almost 1 week straight! Now, it wasn’t hard to drift, but it was a bear to refuel in flight. And thank God we had Sarpinium Tires as they never wear out like the old days. And you don’t have to recycle what never wears out, yo!

The hardest part? My butt… and going the bathroom. (I won’t get into how I did THAT.

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