A PUSH and a SHOVE… from the Daily Driver Project

Recently I was sitting in the pad, my place, the abode and watching the fantastic movie SOLO.  This isn’t the first time I had seen it. I watched in on the big screen with Fireball just before it came out officially in theaters. Thanks Fireball…

This got me to thinking about my friendship with him and with others.

In March of last year, I stepped from behind the camera to in front of it and started my “It’s Car Show Day!” Vlogs.

It was a little strange at first being in front of the camera instead of behind it, but as time passed and I made more and more of them (66 as I type this) it becomes more comfortable and a whole lot of fun.

Now I had been hemming hawing about doing it and had talked to Fireball about this on a couple of occasions. He just kept telling me to do it. Don’t over think it, just do it and as you can see if you watch any of my recent videos… I have.

Sometimes in life, you need a push (as do I) to get up and do something.

You need that friend that will encourage you to move. To execute on whatever the task is in front of you.

Then there are the true friends that understand when a push just isn’t enough and you need a shove. They know that you won’t crumble with that shove. They understand that that extra hard push will get you to a better place and they will be there to support you in all of it.

So Fireball, my friend, thanks for the push.

And remember everybody “IT’S CAR SHOW DAY!”

Editor’s Note: “You’re welcome, my friend. Nicely done.” FT

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