People travel from all over the word to come to the ’Bu, and for many different reasons. But, regardless of the reasons, they all get to experience some of the same things.

Our beauty is what makes us unique, but also the gleaming azure sea to our shoulder which serves as a timeless reminder to stay in the present and appreciate what we have.

But, along with its natural beauty, we can and do enhance this by cruising PCH in our personal beauties. Many of you have gone up and down PCH in your cars and can testify that the gift you receive is beyond words. But let’s also consider what we do for other people as we drive.

Many people frown on the exotics, car clubs, motorcycles and such that zip through our town. It’s important to consider that these people also want to share in Malibu’s free beauty. And if you drive responsibly, you get that gift. If you abuse it, though, you get to visit the sheriff’s station in Agoura … or worse. But back to the gift.

As we drive our luscious coast, we pass many who are what I call “mindlocked.” They are so in their heads that many of them don’t even see the beauty of the coast, as they are locked into the aspects of their lives that are challenging. This in no way is a judgement, as we all do this from time to time, but driving something cool up and down PCH “pops” people out of their muck for a brief second and zips them into the present to appreciate beauty. Beauty as in this 1961 Cadillac Coupe DeVille from The Murphy Museum.

Now, I have driven this car many times and I call her “Marilyn.” Wherever she takes me, people stop and take a look, and even snap some selfies. I feel like a car agent and this car is my celebrity guest.

I do this with actual celebrities on my show from time to time, but it gives me great joy to pull into a station and watch a friendly tourist with their daughters take a selfie with the car. 

“My mom owned one just like this in white,” he says.

Well, in many ways, Malibu cars are celebrities. People stop. They ask to take pictures. They briefly tell a story, and then they share that photo with their friends. The same thing would happen if you saw one of your favorite stars. I’m grateful to be able to do this with the cars I have access to through Southern California. And I’m constantly reminded of the gift that I not only get, but also that cars give to others. 

We all strive to be present in the moment, as we know that creativity stems from there. The answer to the challenges of our lives emerge from our connection to the present. This Cadillac was designed in the present of 1961 and continues to pull people there. So, the next time you’re out and about, take a brief second from the inside of your cool car and allow the idea of the gift you’re about to give to others to percolate. 

Let it fill you with love, and then drive. You’ll be amazed at how much more you see in this tiny town and how your life will slowly become filled.

More coolness to come, people.

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