HUNCHBACK BIKE BUILD puts the Power to the Pavement… um, Cobblestone.

If you don’t know the true story of the HUNCHBACK of NOTRE DAME, then boy are you missing something. The whole point of him being cooped up in the Cathedral was because he was building something cool…

If you go back and watch the movie, you’ll see bits and piece of his Jules Verne-Inspired HUNCHBIKE. Yep, we’re not kidding…

A Steam-powered Unicycle that hits 0-60 in 4.8 seconds flat! Who WOULDN’T want to rip this!!

Be on the lookout at Hunch cruises Paris. I hear he’s collecting Cheese Wheels for a new Car Show!

(This one… from our GHOUL’S GARAGE Coloring Book available on Amazon.)

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