From The Daily Driver Project comes RAIN, FLOWERS, SUNSHINE & CAR SHOWS!

So, its been raining a lot in SoCal. A lot!

And cold… I can’t forget cold. Well, cold for Southern California standards. I know, it’s much colder in other places.

But SoCal can always use the rain and the crazy amount of green on the hills around SoCal and wonderful wildflowers are everywhere.

It’s beautiful…

And it reminded me of something… Remember that the things bringing you down like bad days? All of those pass for a whole lot of sunshine.

Oh… and for me it’scar shows. Lots & lots of car shows!

Sometimes you just need to take a breath and step back.

Get out of your head.

Understand that it will pass and a new day or even a new breath can bring a better day.

There are always ups and downs in life.

The down can sometimes bring you flowers just like the rain does for the environment around you.

Even on your bad days. On the down times. Surround yourself with some sort of SUNSHINE.

It can be friends, pets, family. Whatever brings that sunshine and puts a simple smile to your face.

For me it’s all about seeing that next cool car and sharing that with you guys.

And remember everybody “IT’S CAR SHOW DAY!”

Wes is host of THE DAILY DRIVER PROJECT. Check him out…

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