The 2019 CORVETTE is a senseless car that makes PERFECT SENSE…

Here’s a car that borders on supercar status. Although what separates it is its pricepoint. 

Basically it is as fast, as nimble and as spirited as virtually any supercar out there, but at over $100,000 less. In some cases, much less at $86,000.

I got the 2019 Chevy Corvette for a week to see how practical it was as an everyday driver here in Malibu. And after a week, it’s both totally practical and severely impractical. So, it’s understood how someone can be on the fence about the thing.

As a practical machine in a heavy car culture town, this ride makes perfect sense. As car shows are every weekend, it’s a blast to drive there, puts smiles on people’s faces, has enough horsepower at 650, and possibly gets you a visit to the local Police Car Show and stay longer than what’s comfortable. It just gives you an all-around great driving experience.

Did I mention that it puts smiles on people’s faces, especially in this hyper-lemon yellow?

Well it does, although the people are about 2 1/2 feet tall. Basically, I’ve been driving a Hot Wheels car, and the kids love it.

One other thing, as a track car, it kills just about anything out there. As long as you learn how to drive it and I would recommend that a day at Willow Springs Raceway would do wonders for increasing your knowledge and comfort with such a beast.

But then there’s the impractical side. 

As a daily driver with daily tasks, it makes no sense whatsoever. Unless you want to build up your arms by getting out of the car each time. Like doing pushups with a bag of sand on your back. 

Then there’s the issue of your POV being so low in traffic that it’s a better idea to just look under other cars to see forward.

There’s also the issue of groceries, errands and/or anything else you need to do where there needs to be room in the car. 

Golfing? Forget it. 

Groceries? Sure, as long as you can lay the bags on their sides. 

Surfboard? Well, Kathie and I did that once and the board broke free on the highway and flew over an embankment. 

So, there’s that.

Gas mileage? Yes, it uses gas and lots of it. But it begs to be an EV as it would be the sickest supecar EV out there. 

Sure, it’s completely impractical as an everyday driver and doing everyday normal stuff, but here’s the thing: We live in Malibu. 

And Malibu is not normal by any means. It is filled with completely impractical people doing impractical things. None of it makes any sense, so it makes sense to have a car like this to make sense of it all. 

Make sense?

So, there you have it. A no-nonsense, makes-no-sense, senselessly impractical car that is totally practical and makes a hell of a lot of sense in a town that makes no sense.

Got all that?

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