The 2019 HYUNDAI IONIQ ELECTRIC LIMITED results in full Game of Thrones Badassery…

It’s hard sometimes to get excited about some of Hyundai’s products, but all you really need is some perspective. A Game of Thrones Perspective.

The world is getting more and more filled with EVs and many of them are way out of range for the average buyer. Now me being in Malibu, the average buyer here grabs a Tesla or JaguarE. But buyers across the country need something more affordable, dependable, efficient and tough.

Enter, the 2019 HYUNDAI IONIQ ELECTRIC. A seriously affordable EV at just over $37K, super dependable and ultra-efficient. Like a titanium magic sword that fits in your pocket, but when you pull it out… BOOYAA!!!

Now my Vlog being about design, lets get some of the details out of the way. “E” range is about 136 miles on a charge, saving you $500 in fuel costs over 5 years. That means that you can slay the freeways at a distance and be home for Kale Salad in time for GOT Netflix. 118hp is just enough to get little LaTeesha to the college campus and back (although it feels A LOT more powerful than that due to the uninterrupted pull). Like riding a Dragon and nearly soiling yourself.

But the design obviously mirrors what Toyota did with the Prius before Toyota had a brainfart with the design and went hogwild. BUILD. BURN. POOF!

I’d be into doing a Fireballed version of the Ioniq if they asked. Nothing a bit of paint, wheels, tint and a bit of GOT Badassery could make this a nice whip. Next season… here we come.

Other than that, the IONIQ is chock fulla coolness on the inside. Comfortable, warm, quiet and appealing. Kinda like the King’s quarters… and no one knows you’re there.

All it lacks is some personal style. These would be the cars that would be fun to create as an ART CAR program.

So let it be said that the Ioniq is a Champion for the EV Dragon-slaying lifestyle. A smart choice in a mystical world expanding all-electric. Now if I could just get them to add a bit of ancient chocolate sprinkles, evil smiles or perfunktory pimpedness.

They are just inches away from greatness…

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