In my career, I get a chance to sample many, many cars. And as cool as they are, there are a select few who are consistently good at their game.

HYUNDAI is probably number one. And the reason being that although there are many car companies out there doing great stuff, the higher end ones are hyper-niching their market and leaving the lower ends undone. But Hyundai lives and breathes the car market across the board in a way that is consistently on a wide target.

Their cars are built well, designed well and you just feel good about having one.

The past few weeks I’ve gotten several Hyundais including the 2019 TUSCON ULTIMATE. A great SUV that I really enjoyed driving.

If my personality were just a bit simpler, I’d snag a Hyundai no problem. The one specific to my Malibu Lifestyle. But a car like the Tuscon is a great distance traveler. Want to see the sights of Vegas or Sedona? Do it in the Tuscon.

The language is clean and well designed, although still a bit undefinable. The thing I’d like to see from them is a clearly defined language so you can look at it and KNOW… it’s a Hyundai. Genesis is doing that well and it’s working.

Don’t get me wrong… it’s close. But for a medium sized SUV with 25mpg and a $32K price tag, what you get is rock-solid performance, a design that’s pleasing to the eye and a host of features that will boggle your mind.

Thumbs up for the Tuscon and just about every other car they make. KONA coming next…

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